My P.O.V

The lens I see through is that of a 24 year old female, from a rural town on the coast of Oregon. I am about to finish my undergraduate education in Metal Arts at California College of the Arts. The coastal rainforest of Oregon has given me a great appreciation of the natural environment. The rural lifestyle allowed me to have a close and vital relationship with my food system. My time in the bay area has opened my eyes to the realities of urban life. Most poignant for me is the inability for poor urbanites to obtain healthy unadulterated food. Food is a basic human necessity. It seems ludicrous for real food, grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, grown respecting the land and people, would be too expensive for working class people to afford. I have been educated at a school that has its genesis in The Arts and Crafts movement. I see the Arts and Crafts movement as a reaction against the soullessness of industrialized mass produced goods and an awakening to the beauty and emotion of hand crafted objects. At CCA I have honed my craft and realized that craft connects me to the past, in learning skills that human hands and minds have evolved over thousands of years


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